Why You Need an Electric Kettle

When you first become a dedicated tea drinker it may be easy to assume that all teas are relatively the same. After all, you simply need to boil water and steep the tea bag, right? Wrong. The truth is that tea varies from type to type and as a result different teas have different requirements in order to get the best possible quality from the tea. A tea that calls for boiling hot water and a short steep time will not do as well as a tea that requires a cooler temperature and longer steep time. There are different strengths and flavors of tea that benefit from different conditions.

So what is the best way to ensure that you use the optimal temperature for your tea? One method that is commonly used is to use a thermometer to track water temperature and pour the water when the temperature is optimal. However, that can be a bit of a hassle and tedious to say the least. What you need is an electric tea kettle.

You can find an electric kettle in almost any kitchen and while there are some who feel that they are pointless unitaskers the fact remains that the best electric kettles are able to give you the best results for your teas. This is because many electric kettles come equipped with temperature control and automatic cut off. This means that you can rely on the temperature from the kettle to be consistent. If you have a tea that needs to be a low temperature then you simply set your kettle to that. You can find a large number of electric kettles here: http://brewfreshly.com/great-electric-kettles/.

It also needs to be said that an electric kettle is useful for more than simply tea. With an electric kettle you can boil water faster than with a stove top. You can quickly boil eggs, rehydrate dehydrated food, and make a large number of recipes. It takes the singular task of boiling water and transforms it into a far more convenient process.