Use Egyptian Cotton Sheets in Your Bed And Breakfast

romanticThe only way a bed and breakfast is going to get repeat business and get good reviews on the internet these days is if your rooms are very clean, nicely furnished and have comfortable beds to sleep on. In fact, besides cleanliness, the comfy bed factor is going to be the most important thing! When a weary traveler checks in, most of the time the very first thing they will check out is how inviting the bed is and this includes the linens that cover it.

You may think you are saving money in the long run by using cheaper sheets and bed spreads or comforters, but in fact using bed linens of inferior quality could be costing you money and great reviews in the long run. People these days are very diligent about posting negative reviews if their stay in a hotel or motel is bad. What you want is to make a client’s stay so great that they feel obligated to give your establishment an excellent review!

Nobody Likes Substandard Sheets

The last thing a tired working person or a person on vacation looking for a nice stay in wants is to end up sleeping on a bed that has bad linens. They could be dingy and dirty looking and it will turn them off. They can be scratchy and worn feeling and they will not like that either. But, when they slide into a bed that has a very comfortable mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft, they will be pleased. When the sheets they come into contact with feel wonderful too, that sets their mind at ease right away and they will more than likely enjoy their stay. A person that chooses to stay at a bed and breakfast usually does because they expect it to feel more like home than a motel or hotel.

What you want your customers to experience is the Luxury of the Pharaohs! When you invest in the highest quality 100% Pima Egyptian cotton sheets, you will be providing your guests with the best possible bedding. Believe it, they will be able to tell that the sheets they are sleeping on are a cut well above what they will get in just any overnight establishment.

Especially if you are a small bed and breakfast in a very busy tourist attraction area competing with hotels and motels, having the best bedding and getting those great reviews can mean the difference between you and the chain places!

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Softer

It is not all one sided just for the customer either. When you buy bed clothes made from the best Egyptian cotton and your other linens like towels and wash clothes, you can actually eliminate the money you have to on spend fabric softeners because they will be naturally soft in the long run! They will also last much longer!

So, when you combine the durability of the fabrics, the extra softness factor that will cost less to maintain and the happiness of your guests, there is no way the extra cost will not come back to you in customer satisfaction and profits!

When you are a bed and breakfast competing with big chain motels and hotels, the splendor of the rooms you offer can make you or break you. Sometimes it’s not always the fee you charge for a one night or more stay, it is how happy your guests are going to be when they check out that will determine whether they come back to stay with you again or give you a very positive or a very negative review on line!