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Renovating Your Bathroom After Water Damage

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When your home gets hit with water damage it can be an extremely difficult time depending on the extent and nature of the damage. One of the hardest processes is picking up the damage and getting the area that was affected repaired. One of the worst spots in your home to have hit by water damage is definitely the bathroom. The bathroom can be a hotbed for mold growth and other forms of water damage. Here are some tips if you are renovating your bathroom after dealing with water damage.

Call Your Insurance Provider

One of the first things you need to do is get in touch with your home owner’s insurance provider to see just what repairs and renovations are covered by your policy. Year after year people unnecessarily spend money on repairs that their policy covers so make sure that you are not wasting money before you even start renovating. It does need to be said that not all home owner’s insurance policies will cover water damage but it is always better to be sure. The worst thing your insurance provider can tell you is no.

Don’t Cut Corners

The next thing you need to know is the necessity of not cutting corners. It would be easy to simply put your bathroom back to how it was, but it would be a massive mistake. You instead want to take the right steps to ensure that water damage like you just removed does not have the chance to occur again. Replacing leaky pipes with stronger ones is a start as is replacing tile that is loose and a good hiding spot for mold. Any carpeting should go as well as old and peeling wall papers. If you have done these steps and are still concerned about water damage being present then you should contact

One of the most important renovations you may need to make is making sure the areas around your toilet and bathtub are properly sealed off. Making sure that these things are properly secured to the floor is one thing to do but you should also seal them with the right materials to ensure that water does creep around and under them hiding and forming mold. If done correctly it can last for many years and won’t have to be repeated.

Beware of Hidden Mold Spots

Due to bathrooms being where most of the water in the house is used it can seep into a lot of not so obvious places. Showers create steam and steam leaves water droplets where ever it goes so it bears mentioning that you should check in light fixtures, behind outlet covers, and in vent fans. Mirrors are another likely hiding spot as many are not completely secured to the walls they hang on leaving space for water droplets to make a nice growth spot for mold.

While it may seem tedious to fix the mold and then have to renovate much of your rest room, if done properly it can raise your homes value, prevent future costly mold clean up and just generally improve the safety of your home. Mold remediation is also available at


Mold Testing In Miami FL

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Water damager after flooding in house with furniture floating (3


The image above is funny, that is unless you’ve experienced heavy water damage yourself.  If you have, you know all to well the heartache that comes with trying to salvage the few personal items you can, and starting over without the rest.  Family photos, heirlooms, and irreplaceable memories might just be lost along with sections of your home.  Getting rid of the water and debris, cleaning up the mold, restoring items that can be saved, and rebuilding your home are not tasks you can take care of yourself.  Fortunately, help is not hard to find if you know where to look.

Talking to a water damage specialist is your first step.  They can remain calm, while your world seems to spin around you, and they can put the pieces back together.  Check out a company like we dry miami to get the latest information and learn about the skills and technology they have to put your life right.  They will come out and assess the damage, making a note of services that you’ll need.  Water damage services for a home destroyed by a hurricane is different from the services that will be needed for a burst pipe or leaky roof.  Those services will be different from the specialty services required for a sewage or septic tank related issue.  Each problem has it’s own unique solution.

The specialists at we dry miami handle all these types of water damage and more.  They know that getting your family back into your home and getting your life back to normal is the only thing that will remove the panic that comes with having your life destroyed.  They will do everything possible to salvage the belongings in your home that they can, and they are experts at having your items professionally cleaned and dried, so that no mold is brought back into your home.  Similar considerations need to be taken with water in your walls and carpet.  Mold poses a massive health risk for your family and pets, and specialists know how to get it out and keep it out.









Mold Testing in Daytona Beach FL

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Mold remediation Daytona BeachMost people think that once water damage dries, it is over with.  People like the ones at can tell you that it is not the case.  Besides ruining structures, water damage leaves behind mold.  It doesn’t matter if it’s from rain, a big storm, a flood, a burst water line, or sewage backup.  Mold from water damage is dangerous.  It can cause any number of health problems for you and your family.  Family pets are not even safe in a home infested with mold.

If you need your house tested for mold, go to to learn how to set up an inspection.  Professionals use special equipment to detect even the smallest amount of dangerous mold and then get it out of your house so that your family can remain safe inside their home.

Without proper sanitation and disinfection of your home, business, or property, mold spores can grow and cause further structural damage. Proper professionals have access to decontamination products that are not offered at stores for normal cleaning uses. These professionals also have the correct respirators and hazard gear to wear during sanitation or disinfection stage of a remediation to keep from getting sick. No one would recommend an individual trying to combat mold spores, bacteria, and pathogens without the proper sanitation precautions. Trained professionals know how to properly decontaminate a house, building, or property after years of training.

Depending on your insurance, sanitation and disinfection of a property after damage occurs should be covered. Most professionals will be able to help you through the process of filing a claim with your insurance. They can present you with complete documentation of the work that has been done to your house, building, or property. Many companies will work with you and your insurance company to make this a smooth transition during repairs to the damaged property. The right people can take care of your sanitation and disinfection needs during a remediation.